Deploy instructions

The Project include a self install script, witch must be execute on a different machine than it will be run later, the will run via SSH to install the complete system.

Tested Operation Systems


  • SSH


Linux / Mac

Debian / Ubuntu:

$ sudo apt-get install fabric



$ pip install fabric


Important: Do not install Django-CCTV as root!!!

Download the source from git:

$ git clone

Create a in cctv & fill it with your settings. To see how to fill your look at Local Settings

$ cd cctv
$ nano cctv/

Install the Server:

$ fab install

Deploy or update:

$ fab deploy


If something funny goes on when deploying. Check if you using fabric with python 2.7.

Only tested on linux & mac, I don’t know this will work correctly on windows machines.

Windows users may find that these command will only works if typed from Python’s installation directory.